The house

Le Brun de Neuville

On the limestone hillside of Côte de Sézanne where Chardonnay sculpts the landscape, our committed viticulture allows us to develop an enlightened range, marked by its terroir and by the high standards of those who contribute to it

The art of winemaking in Champagne

From vine growing
to the final tasting

All our champagnes are made respecting our finest Champagne traditions, the emblematic Chardonnay the main grape variety of our vineyard, expresses itself in subtle tones and finesse

The collection


Le Brun de Neuville

"Côte" cuvées interpret the chalky minerality of the Côte de Sézanne, blessed by long lees age.

Les Chemins

Le Brun de Neuville

The « single-vineyard » (plot) approach, the respect of the land and the Human's imprint are at the markers of this range.
Based on these three fundamentals, «Les Chemins» are defined by their character and uniqueness.


Le Brun de Neuville

At the end of the fermentation and during the ageing on lees in bottle, the yeast gradually die. The phenomenon of Autolyse takes place; some microorganism are released, they interact with the wine and provide power and complexity.
«Autolyse» cuvees, from selected plots and raised for a decade on lees, celebrates Time and its imprint on the wine.

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