The house

Le Brun de Neuville

Located on the very chalky slopes of the Sezannais, since 1963 the House of Le Brun de Neuville has been offering a great range of elegant and sophisticated Champagnes.

The art of winemaking in Champagne

From vine growing
to the final tasting

All our champagnes are made respecting our finest Champagne traditions, the emblematic Chardonnay the main grape variety of our vineyard, expresses itself in subtle tones and finesse

The collection


Le Brun de Neuville

Chardonnay is planted in majority in our vineyards and is widely present in all our champagne cuvées. It brings great mineral notes and a freshness to our traditional collection.


Le Brun de Neuville

Our "Authentique" Champagnes owe their elegant structure and balance to their long maturation in our cellars, bottling with a proper real cork promotes CO2 exchange, thus gaining in harmony and complexity.
A complex champagne for wine lovers.

Lady de N.

Le Brun de Neuville

Lady de N Collection comes from specially selected plots.
Long ageing gives them structure, perfect balance and elegance.