The house

Elaborated from a majority of Chardonnay and completed with Pinot Noir, Le Brun de Neuville range is the reflect of the Côte de Sézanne vineyard, blessed by a long ageing on lees.

The history


Le Brun de Neuville has built itself around a history of winegrowers’ families with a common desire to shine a light on Côte de Sézanne and its generous and bright Chardonnays.


This exacting adventure of Independence, Know-how and Make-known goes on thanks to Damien Champy and his team, in a « family spirit » which persists since 60 years.

In 1963, in the charming village of Bethon

Mr. André Vandier, Mrs de Reviers and 26 wine-growers passionate about their work, gather together to create « La Crayère » with a family spirit which will guide them through the years. United by their passion, nearly 170 wine-growers form today the «Le Brun de Neuville family», sharing their knowledge, their resources and their traditions to give birth to an enlightened range of champagnes. 



Our vineyard stretches over a dozen crus (villages), each with its own characteristics, which are exploited by the Chef de Cave and his team.

Most of which has been planted for over 40 years in the hearth of the Côte de Sézanne. Its grape variety is mainly Chardonnay, which represents nearly 90% of the vines. Pinot Noir, meanwhile 11%, completes the landscape. 

THE “COTE DE SÉZANNE” rests on a bed of chalk

... covered with a few centimeters of earth and made up of granules of calcite. Its high porosity makes it a real reservoir of water ensuring the plant a sufficient supply, even in the driest summers. Our vineyard is planted on a hillside that allows it to accumulate large amounts of solar energy.


Le Brun de Neuville occupies a driving role amongst its vine growers encouraging them to adopt sustainable viticulture practices. Grapes from organic vineyards, grown without any herbicides, ploughed and certified “Haute Valeur Environnementale” (HVE) or “Viticulture Durable en Champagne”  (VDC) are valued.

90% of CHARDONNAY makes up Le Brun de Neuville’s vineyard

Emblematic variety, Le Brun de Neuville elaborates delighted "Blanc de Blancs" champagnes. Chardonnay wines are characterized by delicate aromas, floral notes, citrus, sometimes mineral. With a slow evolution, it is the ideal grape variety for ageing wines. Pinot noir will bring roundness, body and length on the palate.